VCE 1570 – Ideal For Double Head Saw with 2 Outlets

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The long technological expertise of its staff , a careful supervision of the details during production and ownership  of exclusive patents place the company IVISION among the most technologically advanced manufacturers in  the world in its market segment.

 The excellence of design and construction technique creates extremely handling friendly and virtually  maintenance free units with innovative technical solutions to get the best possible performances  All models are designed, created and assembled according to the specific businesses needs of our customers and are also available according to ATEX – zone 22 norms II 3D – ( potential explosive atmosphere ) The sturdy material used and the simple design are additional characteristics of a product  entirely made in Italy , a real guarantee in the industrial market.

 Especially designed for industrial purposes is equipped with a powerful motor and a state of the art  filtering system , thanks to its  flow rate and depression features it is ideal for heavy dust or collection of steel, aluminum and or any metal chips including plastic, fiberglass, pvc.


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