PET-PLUS Reciprocating Booster Series

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PET-PLUS Reciprocating Booster Series Air Compressors


Compressed air is a pneumatic energy source which is as important as electricity and hydraulics in production sector. Especially for the production of the pet bottles which the usage of them is getting higher and higher in daily life, high pressure is a must. Besides, the applications such as leak proofing tests of hydraulic and pneumatic devices, specific drive cylinders, presses and fixture apparatus also need high pressure air. Unlike other applications requiring only low pressure air, both low and high pressure levels of air up to 40 bars ought to be used in the facilities for these applications. Therefore, instead of designing whole system considering the high pressure need, increasing the air pressure just at the certain points where high pressure is needed is the most suitable solution.
As a manufacturer having reciprocating booster compressors in its product portfolio which boost the 7-13 bar compressed air taken from rotary screw compressors up to 40 bars,DALGAKIRAN provides the most appropriate solutions with its years of experience and quality policy to pet manufacturers and the enterprises which have to use high pressure air.


• Heavy-duty type cast-iron crankcases contain oil level indicators properly placed on crankcase, blowdown valve and oil filling/draining plugs.
• Cast-iron cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins help the system preventing overheat.
• Dynamically balanced and precisely manufactured sphero cast crankshafts and counter weights prolong the lifecycle of the compressor.
• Pistons casted from special aluminum alloy and sphero cast connecting rods not only apply less pressure to crankshaft but also help the compressor run even in most challenging environments along with high heat transfer capability.
• While special design high speed concentric valves made from stainless steel at the first stage provide the high capacity air flow, the concentric valves at second and third stages, specially designed for high pressure conditions, guarantee to keep the bare pumps at optimum operating temperature by maximizing the airflow rate.
• Compression and oil retaining rings are used for holding the airflow maximized and preventing oil leakages.
• High efficiency IE2 class IP55 motors working with 380V/3 phase/50Hz power inlet are used as a standard in PET-PLUS series.
• Driving the crankshaft is realized by direct-drive mechanism with a flexible coupling placed between crankshaft and main motor shaft.
• Special loadless operation system lengthens the lifecycle of the main motor and the compressor block.


• Four-stage (one for oil cycle, three for air cycle of each compression stage) aluminum combi radiator is employed for cooling which is capable of cooling the compressed air down to the ambient temperatures.
• Deep cooling fins on the cylinders as well as air-flow directing canopy piece in which only bare pumps and cylinders are uncovered keep the compressor block cool so that the compressor can operate without stopping.
• Instead of lubrication with whisking rod, an oil pump directly coupled to the main motor shaft is occupied for efficient lubrication which also circulates oil through hot parts like connection rod and crankshaft to help the compressor block cooling down.


• PLC based control and monitoring with digital display
• Flexible operation with up to 100 user controlled parameters such as motor switching, inlet and outlet air pressure and temperature, minimum operating pressure, minimum oil pressure and maximum operating temperature
• Monitoring maintenance intervals with 5 different pre-defined timer structures
• Reliable operation by using less numbers of mechanical control equipment like relays and contactors
• Optional GPRS module for remote control
• Optional identical aging function with the ability of controlling up to 8 compressors at the same time


• Reciprocating compressor block
• 380V/3 phase/50Hz IE2 efficiency class IP55 main motor
• Automatic discharge system for loadless start
• Direct-drive mechanism with flexible coupling
• Long-lasting bearings
• Four-stage aluminum combi radiator
• Air intake filter and silencer for loadless operation
• Lubrication system with oil pump
• Oil level indicator
• Special discharge system preventing oil leakage from blowdown valve


• Oil heater
• GPRS module for remote control
• Multi-compressor control up to 8 compressors for identical aging
• IE3 efficiency class main motor
• Power grid options other than 380V/3 phase/50Hz
 PET-PLUS Reciprocating Booster Series
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