HG Series High Pressure Compressed Air Line Filters

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General Details

HG Series High Pressure Compressed Air Line Filters

General Features

DALGAKIRAN offers HG series high pressure compressed air line filters working at 50 bars.

Filters are made of aluminum and have no welding operation on it.
The design shows strong, robust and reliable characteristics.
Large-scale wall thickness and in-house test facilities assure the great performance.
All inner and outer surfaces are anodized exhibiting supreme corrosion-resistance.

Correction Factor

For maximum flow rate, multiply the flow rate given in the model’s specifications with the correction factor corresponding to the working pressure.


Grade A should not operate in oil saturated conditions.
Grade A elements should be replaced periodically to suit the applications and/or changed at least once in a six months for efficient filtration.
Grade A does not remove certain gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Please consult with DALGAKIRAN in a case of hesitation.
All filters are suitable for usage with mineral and synthetic oils.
The above housings require only one filter element.
Direction of flow is inside out through filter element except the grade A.
Manual drain is standard. Electronic timer is optional.

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