G WS Series Water Separators

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General Details
G WS Series Water Separators
General Features
G WS Series Water Separators are designed to remove bulk liquid water and other particles from compressed air. Unique centrifugal action removes air contaminants with low pressure drop that provides less energy consumption for overall system to balance the pressure level.
G series offers different models available from ¼” to 3” NPT sizes and up to 2200 m3/h flow rate.
To increase the filtration efficiency of the overall system, additional downstream equipment like coalescing and particle filters is needed to remove the final traces of oil, water and other particles as condensate separators are not able to perform 100% efficiency filtration.
  • Automatic drain valves are employed as standard in G series water separators.
  • All separator bodies are coated inside out with electrostatic powder paint.
Correction Factor
For maximum flow rate, multiply the model’s flow rate with the correction factor corresponding to the desired working pressure.
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