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Micro-Glass Fiber
High efficiency Micro-Glass nano-fiber medium (80 times finer than Cellulose Fiber) delivers higher targeted efficiencies, longer service life, very wide chemical and synthetic lubricant compatibility even at higher working temperatures.

Helix Tubes for Strength
DALGAKIRAN Compressed Air Filters have louvered stainless steel helix tubes providing strength and protection against severe pressure drops while improving performance by forcing air to pass diagonally through the element.

4-Layered Element Structure
DALGAKIRAN offers 4 levels of superior protection from 1 micron to 0.01 micron. Durable element construction efficient drain layer ensure enduring performance in case of optimal element change periods.

Synthetic Lubricant Compatibility
DALGAKIRAN Compressed Air Filters are compatible with synthetic lubricants on the market. Durable epoxy securely bonds end caps to the filter tubes and is not affected by synthetic lubricants in compressed air.


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