F Series Compressed Air Filter with Flanged Housing

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General Details
Compressed Air Filter with Flanged Housing
General Features
  • Elements are assembled by the help of a tie-rod system.
  • Two external float drains are employed for excellent drainage.
  • Pre-separation zone has a unique design.
  • All connection zones are strongly welded.
  • CE and ASME tanks are available for the F series.
  • Elements can be changed easily from the top flange.
Drain Type
  • Electro-Adjustable
  • External Float Type
  • Zero-Loss Drain
  • Manual
External Float Drain
External float drains in F series are designed to remove liquid condensate at collection points in the compressed air system. Durable epoxy powder coating finish and corrosion-resistant internal anodized coating offer long service life.
Correction Factor
For maximum flow rate, multiply the flow rate given in the model’s specifications with the correction factor corresponding to the working pressure.
  • Grade A should not operate in oil saturated conditions.
  • Grade A elements should be replaced periodically to suit the applications and/or changed at least once in a six months for efficient filtration.
  • Grade A does not remove certain gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Please consult with DALGAKIRAN in a case of hesitation.
  • Flow rates are based on 7-bar-working pressure. For different working pressures, please refer to the correction factor table.
  • All filters are suitable for usage with mineral and synthetic oils.
  • Different flanged connections are available. For details, contact to DALGAKIRAN.
  • Direction of flow is inside out through filter element.
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