DK 540 – Four Corner PVC Welding Machine

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General Details

Machine is ideal for welding process of PVC plastic profiles at four corners.

  • Fully automatic four corner welding of PVC window profiles at an angle of 90°
  • Welding of a complete window frame or sash in one cycle
  • All profile related welding parameters are individually programmable
  • User-friendly operating system compatible to all optimization programs
  • Parameters are set easily by means of 8’’ LCD color touch screen
  • Automatic line can be made by combining with Cooling Unit (SA 250),Corner Cleaning Machine (CNC 608-610) and Rotating Robot (SA 260)
  • Automatically setting of standard (2 mm) or seamless (0.2 mm) welding options
  • Long time of Teflon using period by means of the roller system
  • Automatically discharging of the frames after welding operation
  • Colored and white profiles selection modes
  • Saving of time by means of practical mold change system
  • Barcode scanner
  • Operator safety barrier
  • Adjusting the heat between 0-300°C via electronic thermostat
  • Minimum welding measurement : 400 x400 mm (see below sketch and tech.schema)
  • Maximum welding measurement: 3100x 2700 mm (see below sketch and tech.schema)
  • Memory capacity to save up programs of 200 different profiles



  • Manual greasing pump
  • 1 set of sash welding mold with 70 mm of height
  • 1 set of adaptor for frame profile



  • SA 250 cooling unit
  • CS 240 Gasket pressing system
  • Special welding molds on demand

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