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Your most realiable partner Naturalbond which combines harmony with elegance, always shares its ideas and solution proposals with you also by taking the economical factors into consideration for the purpose of offering the best the valuable assistance of the architects and engineers in its organization.

Naturalbond which is the indispensable construction element of prestigious works targets you to be always one step ahead of your competitors in your business. Thanks to utilization of Naturalbond in the major architectural buildings such as hotels, business centers, convention halls, cinemas, theaters, cultural centers, and museums, conspicuous buildings can be designed which the most are befitting to the construction technology of the 21 century.

The architects and the designers are intensively involved in searcing for the new products which incorporates the technical specifications (heat insulation, sound proofing) with the aesthetical concerns at a common ground. Naturalbond offers a reliable product by its easy processability and diversified colour choices in terms of meeting this ultimate goal.

Our target is to serve for our customers in order to provide them to be reached the best of all without limiting their creativity. By this means the only thing remained for our customers, that is enjoying their freedom.

Color Chart

The colours shown on the left colour chart may vary from the original due to printing conditions. Please ask for a sample colour sheet to see the real colour.

The metallic colours may vary in different production batches when compared. For this reason please make sure to order all your needs in one batch, so you won’t face any variations of colour.

We can manufacture products, with the colours and surface gloss that you demand, depending on the amount of order. For this reason the desired surface gloss has also to be pointed out when ordering colours that are not listed in the above chart.


For standard 4mm thick Naturalbond composite panel:

Sheet Alloy – Condition:
EN AW-3105 / H46

Aluminum Sheet Thickness:
Top Sheet: 0,50mm (±0,02mm)
Bottom Sheet: 0,50mm (±0,02mm)

Composite Panel Total Thickness:
4mm (±0,2mm)

Variable according to Fire Response Class – Thickness: 3mm

Top Sheet Coating:
Kynar 500 Based PVDF Paint (20+5 mikron)

Bottom Plate:
Polyester Based Protective Paint

Naturalbond Fireproof Class Technical Table

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