WAVE Reciprocating High Pressure Series

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WAVE Reciprocating High Pressure Series Air Compressors
W 64 / W 108 / W 166 / W 210


DALGAKIRAN, manufactured its first reciprocating air compressor in 1965, promises suitable, trouble-free and high performance for every kind of application with its reciprocating air compressors. Dalgakiran reciprocating air compressors are designed to serve you without creating any problems. Manufacturing and assembly of every single part of these compressors, in which latest engineering software is used during design and analysis phases, is realized considering international quality standards.


DALGAKIRAN proudly presents its new WAVE Series high pressure reciprocating air compressors whilst taking its DKK series high pressure reciprocating air compressors one step further which are developed for all applications where high pressure is a must, especially for the maritime sector where Dalgakiran has been interested in and has served meticulously since its establishment.


Cast-iron crankcase and cylinders, pistons operated at low-speed, corrosion and heat-resistant stainless steel valves, cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins make DALGAKIRAN WAVE series high pressure reciprocating air compressors durable along their lifecycles.
Thanks to W type compressor design, low compression ratios can be obtained in WAVE series compressors and thus producing low temperature outlet air results in consuming less energy for air cooling. In addition to this, low power transmission losses can be secured with directly coupled motor shaft and crankshaft in this series which successfully shows high stability and performance characteristics even in 55 °C ambient temperature and operating non-stop with full-load conditions.


WAVE series high pressure reciprocating air compressors are manufactured to be employed different areas of application without any performance loss. The parts with high performance and quality grades, that are used in manufacturing and assembly of the products designed to make users in every level of experience easily adapt and learn the control, provide long maintenance periods and thus, low operating costs as a result.


WAVE series compressors provide flexible operation and effective system control opportunities to its owners with continuous full-load operation, adjustable pressure levels between 12 and 45 bars, and the control module indicating machine performance data and maintenance periods.


As having operations in more than 100 countries around the globe and possessing more than 150 authorized dealers in Turkey, DALGAKIRAN offers reliable use of the products to its customers with its after-sales support network.


• Heavy-duty type cast-iron crankcases contain oil level indicators properly placed on crankcase, blowdown valve and oil filling/draining plugs.
• Cast-iron cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins help the system preventing overheat.
• Dynamically balanced and precisely manufactured sphero cast crankshafts and counter weights prolong the lifecycle of the compressor.
• Pistons casted from special aluminum alloy and sphero cast connecting rods, which are suitable for Lloyd certification, not only apply less pressure to crankshaft but also help the compressor run even in most challenging environments along with high heat transfer capability.
• While special design high speed concentric valves made from stainless steel at the first stage provide the high capacity air flow, the concentric valves at second and third stages, specially designed for high pressure conditions, guarantee to keep the bare pumps at optimum operating temperature by maximizing the airflow rate.
• Compression and oil retaining rings are used for holding the airflow maximized and preventing oil leakages.


• High efficiency IE2 class IP55 motors working with 380V/3 phase/50Hz power inlet are used as a standard in WAVE series.
• Driving the crankshaft is realized by direct-drive mechanism with a flexible coupling placed between crankshaft and main motor shaft.


• WAVE series compressors provide efficient operation of compressor block at optimum temperatures with the radiator unit offering four-stage cooling (air cooling at three stages, oil cooling at one stage).
• Radiator’s performance is increased with precooling by concentric valves which are placed at the first stage of W64 and W108 models, and at the first and second stages of W166 and W210 models.
• Extra electric motor usage is prevented by directly coupled radiator fan and main motor shaft.


• Aside from whisking rod used in traditional reciprocating air compressors, lubrication of pistons in WAVE series is accomplished by oil pump operated by main motor shaft.
• The oil sucked from the bottom of crankcase reaches to cylinders from oil ducts on crankshaft and connection rods after passing through radiator and oil filter. Thanks to this, crankcase and connection rod bearings are effectively lubricated.


Water vapor, condensed at radiator cooling stages and conical separator which meets the outlet air, is transferred to draining collector through draining system.


• Canopy made from composite material presents lightweight construction and aesthetics view.
• Cooling performance is increased by adjusting the ambient air sucked by radiator fan to flow through the cooling fins of cylinders and bare pumps with directing metal sheet.
• By closing all moving and hot parts of the compressor, any accident which may oocur during operation is prevented.


• Soft-starter
• Oil heater
• IE3 efficiency class main motor
• Remote control
• Diesel engine on demand
• Power grid options other than 380V/3 phase/50Hz
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