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TIDY Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors

TIDY 3 / TIDY 4 / TIDY 5 / TIDY 7 / TIDY 10 / TIDY 15 / TIDY 20
TIDY 20B / TIDY 25 / TIDY 30 / TIDY 40 / TIDY 40 B / TIDY 50


DALGAKIRAN promises suitable, trouble-free and high performance for every kind of application with its TIDY series oil-injected rotary screw air compressors. Manufacturing and assembly of every single part of these compressors, in which latest engineering software is used during design and analysis phases, is realized considering international quality standards.



TIDY series compressors are manufactured to be employed different areas of application without any performance loss. High performance and quality grade parts used in manufacturing and assembly of these products which are designed to make users in every level of experience easily adapt and learn, provide long maintenance periods and thus, low operating costs as a result.



As having operations in more than 100 countries around the globe and possessing more than 150 authorized dealers in Turkey, DALGAKIRAN offers reliable use of the products to its customers with its after-sales support network.



  • New generation rotary screw blocks, designed with latest technological tools like “Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)” and “Finite Element Method (FEM)” and manufactured using high-end manufacturing techniques, provide high efficiency, durability and low energy consumption with new rotor profile and lobe combination.
  • Block contains new generation bearing system in which the bearings with three times more load carrying capacity than the standard designs are employed.
  • As new rotor profile permits less air leakage occurrences with optimal lobe combination and decreases the torque needed to operate, less energy is needed to operate that leads to less operating costs.



  • High efficiency IE2 class IP55 motors working with 380V/3 phase/50Hz power inlet are used as a standard in TIDY series.
  • Driving the rotor shaft is realized by a belt-pulley mechanism placed between rotary screw block and main motor and selected considering a suitable transmission ratio.
  • Belts are chosen by considering the working life of minimum 25,000 hours
  • The pulley with bushing eases assembly-disassembly processes.
  • With easy adjustment of belt tension, continuously efficient operation of the compressor is secured.



  • It’s developed by using sophisticated engineering analysis tools like FEM and “Fluid Dynamics”.
  • The main feature of the suction regulator is its user-friendly design to meet the user’s performance and maintenance demands.
  • First class materials used in the suction regulator manufacturing and lessened seal amounts provide reliable operating performance up to 8000 hours.
  • As neither piston nor spring is used in the design of the regulator valve, the noticeable decrease in the dimensions, opening and closing of the valve with just air and realizing the suction with this way are provided. (TIDY 3-20)
  • Air suction fan helps with increasing capacity as well as providing effective cooling with the creation of turbo effect. (TIDY 3-20)
  • With its simple design consisting of three control block units, a solenoid valve and a control cylinder, periodical maintenance services of the suction regulators are easily and quickly realized. (TIDY 20B-50)
  • With the suction valve which gets fully perpendicular position when it’s opened, almost straight and unidirectional airflow, increased air outlet area by %25 with the new profile design, the suction regulator promises low pressure drops and high performance. (TIDY 20B-50)
  • Double stage air suction filter system consisting of replaceable front-panel filter from micro-glass fiber, replaceable cassette type air intake filter with paper element minimizes the problems caused in dirty environments by providing clean air for the rotary screw block and the cooling system.



  • More effective separation is realized at less volume with the progressive type, deep bedded and meshed separation layers.
  • These separators have high performance design providing three-stage separation.
  • Less than 3 mg/m3of oil density is transferred with compressed air during separation.
  • Spin-on type separators are used in TIDY series so that they can be replaced easily without the need of evacuating the oil from the tank and thus the maintenance duration lessens as well as the maintenance costs noticeably decreases.



  • Aluminum combi cooler with long-life Bar/Plate system guarantees trouble-free operation at all kinds of conditions.
  • Four-way thermostatic valve lengthens the lifecycle of oil and eliminates the risks of malfunctioning by preventing condensation at low temperatures.
  • Temperature controlled cooling fans supports the thermostatic valve as well as provides extra energy-saving opportunities at cold ambient conditions. (TIDY 20B-50)
  • New blade profiles are supported with silent and effective axial fans directly coupled to the main motor shaft. (TIDY 3-20)
  • New fan seats are employed to provide easy access and short time periods for clean-up during maintenance service.



  • Main motor and fan motor overload control
  • Phase order, absence and instability control
  • Rotary screw overheat control
  • High pressure control
  • Seperator dirtiness warning system
  • Intake filter dirtiness warning system
  • Safety valve for seperator tank
  • High pressure safety valve
  • Emergency stop button
  • Maintenance time warning system



  • TIDY series compressors have LCD control panel indicating operational and service functions in the way that users from every level of experience can easily understand.
  • The mechanical safety systems are supported with PLC controlled safety switches and relays to prevent all possible risks that can occur during operation.
  • While designing the electrical cubicle, the products which are produced by globally accepted brands are selected.



  • Canopy design requiring minimum working space
  • Ergonomic design that provides easiness for maintenance service by enabling access to every part of the compressor.
  • Easy demountable-mountable service covers.
  • Vibration pads produced from special rubber material to eliminate vibration and its consequences.
  • Electrostatic powder paint that is durable against corrosion and impacts.
  • Flameproof canopy overlay that minimizes noise.



  • High efficiency rotary screw block
  • CE certified air receiver made from P265GH pressure vessel steel (TIDY 3-20)
  • 380V/3 phase/50Hz IE2 efficiency class IP55 main motor
  • Drive system with belt-pulley mechanism
  • Demountable acoustic canopy
  • Rigid base plate
  • Micro-glass fiber pre-filter in EU3 norm
  • Air/oil seperator providing ≤3 mg/m3 oil density and its tank
  • Dry type air intake filter at 3 micron resolution
  • Full flow oil filter at 10 micron resolution
  • Electropneumatic on-off controlled suction valve
  • Minimum pressure switch
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Motor drive system with star-delta connection
  • PLC control unit with LCD panel
  • Factory-filled oil with 4000 working hours lifecycle



  • Versions with air receiver only and air-receiver-air dryer (Compact) (TIDY 3-20)
  • Water cooling system (TIDY 20B-50)
  • Water + air (Hybrid) cooling system with heat recovery (TIDY 20B-50)
  • Oil heater
  • Soft-starter
  • IE3 efficiency class main motor
  • Power grid options other than 380V/3 phase/50Hz


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