General Details

Aluminum Top Sheet Thickness : 0,23mm
Aluminum Lower Plate Thickness : 0,23mm
HDP (High Durable Polyester) Painted

Product Types

Composite Panel Thickness : 3mm – 6mm (EN 485-4)
Composite Panel Width : 1250mm, 1500mm
Maximum Production Length : 6000mm
Standard Production Dimensions : 1250mm x 3200mm

Production Tolerances

Composite Panel Thickness : ±0,2mm
Composite Panel Width : -0mm / +2,0mm
Composite Panel Length : -0mm / +4,0mm
Diagonal Difference : max. 5,0mm
Linearity (Width and Length) : ±0,3mm
Inclination: max 7mm (Panel length < 1500mm)
max 10mm (Panel length : 1500mm – 30000mm)

Color Chart

If the remote color chart is displayed on the digital display or opened, the colors may show orientation depending on the print. Please try to see the real color.


For standard 4mm thick Signbond composite panel:

Sheet Alloy – Condition:
EN AW-3105 / H46

Aluminum Plate Thickness:
Top Sheet: 0,23mm (±0,02mm)
Bottom Sheet: 0,23mm (±0,02mm)

Composite Panel Total Thickness:
4mm (±0,2mm)

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) – Thickness: 3,54mm

Top Sheet Coating:
HDP (High Durable Polyester) Paint (20+5 micron)

Bottom Sheet:
Polyester Based Protective Paint

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