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PORTAIR Series Portable Air Compressors

PA 34 / PA 50 / PA 64 / PA 100


DALGAKIRAN promises suitable, trouble-free and high performance for every kind of application with its PORTAIR series portable air compressors. Manufacturing and assembly of every single part of these compressors, in which latest engineering software is used during design and analysis phases, is realized considering international quality standards.


PORTAIR series portable air compressors are ideal solutions for the applications in construction, mining and naval engineering sectors.. These compressors, which are built with high endurance, quality and performance grades rotary screw blocks, offer long maintenance intervals, high performance, high airflow capacity and large gas tanks comparing to the competitors so that they can be used at any remote place where compressed air is needed.



PORTAIR series compressors are manufactured to be employed different areas of application without any performance loss. High performance and quality grade parts used in manufacturing and assembly of these products which are designed to make users in every level of experience easily adapt and learn, provide long maintenance periods and thus, low operating costs as a result.



As having operations in more than 100 countries around the globe and possessing more than 150 authorized dealers in Turkey, DALGAKIRAN offers reliable use of the products to its customers with its after-sales support network.



  • With high airflow capacities, PA34 and PA50 allow two, PA64 allows three and PA100 allows four pneumatic breakers connected and operated at the same time.
  • PORTAIR series compressors have the type-approval certificate in accordance with EU 2007/46/EC framework directive.
  • Adjusting the airflow capacity with respect to instantaneous air demand by controlling diesel engine and rotary screw block provides fuel savings and thus the operating costs are minimized.
  • Crucial information such as outlet pressure, fuel level and operation time can be observed on the control panel consisting of electronic control card as well as the alarms such as high engine and compression temperature, low battery, low fuel, service request and charge the alternator.
  • Working without any performance loss in challenging environments is realized thanks to its canopy durable against corrosion and impacts.
  • Maintenance doors placed at sides provide easiness while reaching any part underneath the canopy.
  • By employing direct-drive mechanism instead of other classical transmission alternatives, power transmission losses are minimized so that more compressed air can be produced with less fuel consumption.
  • By owning one of the biggest fuel tank among its rivals, PORTAIR series compressors can run continuously at full load up to 16 hours.



  • New generation rotary screw blocks, designed with latest technological tools like “Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)” and “Finite Element Method (FEM)” and manufactured using high-end manufacturing techniques, provide high efficiency, durability and low energy consumption with new rotor profile and lobe combination.
  • Block contains new generation bearing system in which the bearings with three times more load carrying capacity than the standard designs are employed.
  • As new rotor profile permits less air leakage occurrences with optimal lobe combination and decreases the torque needed to operate, less energy is needed to operate that leads to less operating costs.
  • Gearboxes are chosen with respect to AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) standards. (PA50 & PA100)



  • KUBOTA’s four-cylinder, water-cooled and turbo-charged (except PA34) diesel engines are employed as a standard in PORTAIR series portable air compressors.
  • PORTAIR series compressors cohere with the emission standards of Turkey, USA and European Union with their diesel engines having lowest exhaust emission levels in their class. (except PA100)
  • Driving the rotor shaft (gearbox shaft in PA50 & PA100) is realized by direct-drive mechanism with a flexible coupling placed between rotary screw block and main motor shaft.
  • As the mechanical transmission losses are less, the direct-drive mechanism is approximately three percent more efficient than the belt-pulley mechanism and it is mostly maintenance-free.



  • Base mounted
  • Fixed trailer with brakes
  • Fixed trailer without brakes
  • Mobile trailer with brakes & adjustable tow-bar
  • Mobile trailer without brakes & with adjustable tow-bar



  • Breakaway cable (PA64 & PA100)
  • Road signalization
  • Wheel chocks and wheel chocks carrier
  • Loose ball coupling
  • Non-return valve
  • Anti-theft safety lock
  • Connection coupling for pneumatic breaker hose



  • Breakaway cable (PA34 & PA50)
  • Exhaust system with spark arrester
  • Cold start at 30°C
  • Different frame color upon request
  • Different canopy color upon request
  • Aftercooler & water separator


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