DryAir DA Series (Heatless Desiccant)

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General Details
DryAir DA Series (Heatless Desiccant) : Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
General Features
  • DryAir DA desiccant air dryers provide constant -40°C pressurized dew point.
  • DryAir DA series is designed to supply clean and quite dry compressed air for critical applications.
  • Pre-filters and after-filters are supplied along with the series to keep the air stream clean and to maintain the integrity of the desiccant material.
  • Reliable electronic controller integrated to the dryer ensures that the dryer operates flawlessly through its service life.
  • Special design valves and desiccants are employed in the series to provide the lowest pressure drop in the market.
Principle of Operation
  • The twin tower design allows for continuous adsorption of water vapor from compressed air by using hygroscopic desiccant with high crush strength and surface/volume ratio.
  • Drying is accomplished by passing compressed air through a desiccant bed adsorbing the moisture while the other bed is simultaneously regenerated with the expanded purge air. Regeneration of the desiccant material is realized without heat. The wet bed is dried by diverting a small portion of the super-dry air from the outlet at almost atmospheric pressure. The purge flow rate is adjustable to suit specific outlet conditions (i.e. desired pressurized dew point). The super-dry air flows in opposite direction through the wet bed, sweeping all the water vapor previously adsorbed by the desiccant.
  • DryAir DA series ensures the pressure equalization in the twin towers prior to switching.
  • This action prevents line surge and minimizes desiccant abrasion. The tower being reactivated is gradually re-pressurized at the end of its reactivation cycle before switchover happens. Purge flow and de-pressurization are in downward direction, opposite to the drying air flow.
Control Unit
  • DryAir DA series has a quite reliable electronic controller ensures the flawless operation of the dryer through the service life.
  • Touchscreen PLC unit is capable of displaying real time operation and valve statuses as well as real time pressurized dew point if applicable.
  • User-friendly multi-lingual PLC panel helps the end-users understand the operation status and monitor the field issues easily.
Active Alumina
DALGAKIRAN uses a mixture of adsorption media in DryAir series desiccant dryers to achieve the consistent pressurized dew point. Active Alumina, Molecular Sieve and Silica Gel are used in varying ratios depending on the application the dryer is employed.
DryAir DA Series (Heatless Desiccant)


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