CPM 6161 – Double Station Composite Panel Processing Machine

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General Details

3-axis CNC controlled CPM 6161 Machine featured with double station table (2 pc. x 3200 mm) is ideal for machining any kind of aluminum composite panel, aluminum sheets up to 4 mm, flexy panels, laminate plates etc. commercially available. The machining center is equipped with a series of valves that turn on/off automatically in order to concentrate the suction on the machining area.

The machine is able to process joint grooves on the composite panels that are required for bending, drilling holes, opening the slots, interpolated milling operations such as writing &drawing, cutting the panels according to required sizes, etc. Enjoy the profits of perfect CPM 6161 Machine Center that provides user-friendly software and mechanical features.

  • Equipped with the automatic vacuum system concentrating the suction on the required area
  • Uninterrupted machining property by means of the double station table
  • With a processing area of 1600 x 6650 mm or 2 pc. of 1600 x 3200 mm
  • Z axis heat compensation system that adjusts the Z position of the cutter bit automatically considering to elongation on the spindle because of the thermal changes.(Patented)
  • Solid steel construction of the body and dynamic performance gantry
  • High precision HSD spindle and internationally recognized components
  • Application of special cutting operations with ALPHACAM software
  • Minimum tool change time with 6 station automatic tool changer fixed on the gantry
  • Optimum dust extraction performance with a flow rate of 350 m3/h to remove chips
  • Specially designed work table and powerful vacuum system to hold down the small pieces firmly
  • Air cushioning system to move the big size of the plate on the table easily
  • Pneumatic pop-up stops enable you to locate the work plate accurately
  • Integrated tool length sensor ensures precise tool length measurements
  • Vortex chip removal head & extractor that cleans all the chips from the work plate
  • Optimum operational safety guaranteed by 3-zone field scanner system
  • Multi language support (Turkish and English)
  • PLC controlled tool cooling system
  • Control panel with color display for CNC control
  • Hand held controller allow you to prove the job before running at speed
  • Easy program transfer with USB memory stick
  • Low maintenance with automatic central lubrication
  • Technical support with remote access



  • Additional cutters
  • Additional ISO 30 tool holder
  • Additional collets
  • Chip removal extractor with 100 lt. of tank capacity



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