Automatic Glass Doors

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General Details

Slim Design, Sliding Door Mechanism

A-100 High Performance, Competitive Price

Main Profile

Extrusion anodized aluminum body, Horizontal and vertical fixing holes.

Aluminum execution rail (Anodized surface execution improves the performance of the wheels)

Front Cover Profile

faac-on-kapak-profili-yavuz-metal-aluminyum-1Hook system to keep the front door open during service



faac-tekerlek-yavuz-metal-aluminyum-1Self-screw polyamide wheel system

faac-tekerlek-yavuz-metal-aluminyum-2Height. +- 7.5 mm

Tech Spec.

Technicial Specifications

Openable distance: 1 wing:700-3000 mm / 2 wing:800-3000 mm
Maximum carrying capacity: 1 wing: 110 Kg / 2 wing: 70+70 Kg
Maximum wing thickness: 60mm
Power source: 115V-230V 50/60 Hz with selector
Motor power: 100W
Drive power: 24VDC with encoder
Frequency of use: %100
Working ambient temperature: – 20°C a 55°C
Opening speed: 5-70cm/sec (1 wing)/ 10-140cm/sec (2 wings)
Shutdown speed: 5-70cm/sec (1 wing) / 10-140cm/sec(2 wings)
Part opening arrangement: 10% to 90% total opening
Protection class: IP23 (indoor use)
Backup battery: 20 minutes (uninterrupted operation)
Size: 150 x100 mm



faac-airslide-yavuz-metal-aluminyumThe self-air curtain door is suitable in all situations where air shielding is required at hotels, shops, restaurants, commercial and office buildings, hospitals, airports.

1. A140 automatic door with air curtain integration.
2. 25 cm high monoblock system.
3. Break-out integrated system.
4. Maximum air shield application.
5. Safe opening of doors, dust, dirt and smoke.
6. Air curtain system applied together with main profile.

Kit-Side Cover-Lock

Kit Contents

faac-kit1-yavuz-metal-aluminyumOpen Belt Type

faac-kit2-yavuz-metal-aluminyum2 Stop Mechanism

faac-kit3-yavuz-metal-aluminyumNew Compact Engine

Side Covers

Front-Mountable Screwsfaac-yan-kapaklar-yavuz-metal-aluminyum-2Front Profile Holding Part

Manual Lock System

faac-manuel-kilit-sistemi-yavuz-metal-aluminyum-2To insert the locking system, you must drill the cover profile with a drill. The clamping cable can be installed on both sides of the motor.

Other Details

faac-diger-parcalar-yavuz-metal-aluminyumCable Tobacco and Motor Lock

New Pulley and Cleaning Brush


E-100 Kontrol Kartı

E100 Kontrol Kartı




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