SKY FEEL RESF32 Window Systems

Thanks to the reduction of visible obstacles, brighter spaces and thermal
insulation are provided by this sliding panel system.


Sky Feel 32 system can be applied according to all small and big
dimensional requirements and all window openings.


Sky Feel RESF32 lets you create large, modern and bright spaces.


Sky Feel RESF32, the external world becomes one with the internal environment, without forgetting the maximum security thanks to the innovative systems of anti burglary and the use of armoured glasses to ensure an invisible protection.


The special lateral and central junctions with frame under the floor are to ensure the reduction of visible obstacles and toprovide brighter spaces.


The frame profiles, reduced to the minimum, can be integrated into the floor, ceiling and walls. Only the
sliding profiles remain visible which are slender and light with only 20 mm wideness.

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